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Eye Therapy

Threading £6 Waxing £7
Upper lip/chin/forehead/sides £3 Full face threading (incl. eyebrows) £16
Eyelash tint £10 Eyebrow tint £6
Hi – brow tint with a brow shape £17 Party eyelashes £16
Nouveau LVL lashes £40 Nouveau SVS lashes £55
Nouveau extend lashes £40 Special eyebrow package (full eyebrow re-shape, eyelash & eyebrow tint) £20

Henna Brows

 This revolutionary new Brow Treatment is set to take the world of brow professionals by storm. Using 100% natural Henna, which is Amonia, Lead & Peroxide FREE. Safely colouring the skin and hairs with a longer lasting results.  Henna brows can last upto 3 times more times than a normal tint and come in a selection of colours

Patch test required 48hrs prior treatment

£30 30mins Inc an eyebrow shape

Phi Brows Micro Blading all prices upon request
Are you sick and tired of drawing on your brows every morning? Unhappy with the shape or thickness? Brows just not growing due to brow trauma? Chemotherapy? Alopecia? Trichotillomania?
Over plucked/waxed? Or do you just simply desire thicker eyebrows?

Nail Therapy

CND Shellac manicure £20  CND shellac pedicure £25
Deluxe manicure with a shellac finish (includes soak, full hand, arm exfoliation, hot mitts with a luxury mask treatment & massage up to elbow) £30 Deluxe Pedicure with a shellac finish (includes a luxury foot soak, exfoliation, hot mitts with a luxury mask treatment & massage up to the knee) £35
HFrench/chrome/iridescent finish £3.50 Shellac file & varnish on hands £15
Shellac file & varnish on toes £18

(please cut nails, remove any products on the nail bed prior treatment otherwise charges may occur)
Free removals if return within 3 weeks

Soak off

(other product soak off £10)

free removals within 2 weeks return with a reapplication

£6 Gel in the bottle infill’s £25
Gel  In the bottle full set £30 SNS infills £25
Sns nails Dipping powder full set

Upgrade these to a deluxe for an additional £6

£35 other product soak off £10

Massage Therapy

Full body Swedish massage £40 (55mins) Swedish back, neck & shoulder massage £30 (25mins)
Aromatherapy full body massage inc scalp £42.50 (55mins) Aromatherapy back, neck & shoulder £35 (25mins)
Hot stone full body massage inc scalp £45 (55mins) Hot stone back, neck & shoulder £35 (25mins)
Indian head massage

A relaxing treatment for many benefits, yet so invigorating & re-balancing.

£28 (25mins) Hopi ear candling

Perfect treatment if you suffer from sinusitis, colds, migraines, headaches & much more

£25 (25mins)

Reflexology £45 55mins

A stimulating healing treatment for the whole body improving circulation, reducing stress, pain & restoring natural balance.
Excellent for the reproductive system, menopausal symptoms & irritable bowel syndrome.

Pregnancy massage

Pre-natal full body massage inc scalp and extended foot massage £50
Pre-natal back, neck, shoulder and scalp massage £38
A soothing gentle massage suited to your individual needs.



Diamond touch microdermabrasion
This microdermabrasion treatment is a non-surgical procedure offering a safe and controlled skin abrasion
£35 (40mins)

DermaPlane Facials

Dermaplanning exfoliates the outer most layer of dead skin cells as well as all the vellus hairs (peach fuss)

* Creates a perfect canvas for make -up
* Increases penetration of your skin care products by up to 50%
* Reduces fine line, wrinkles, acne scars
* Instant results for a dewy flawless glow

60mins £42
A complete nourishing and comforting facial to restore skin vitality to dull, flakey and compromised skin. Gentle exfoliation allows the long lasting replenishing Medik8 Hero formulations to deliver deep hydration.

60 mins £42

Deep cleansing actives are used to target oily, problematic and blemished skin. Rebalanced products are used throughout this facial to soothe, calm and generate a clearer cmplexion.

60mins £42

A gentle soothing treatment to instantly calm inflamed, hot, flushed, red, sensitive and highly sensitized skin using intelligent formulations to aid skin recovery.


A luxurious illuminating treatment to brighten even the dullest skin. A targeted results-driven facial to combat uneven pigmentation and skin tone, breathing new radiance and luminosity into the skin.

40 mins £60
An effective combination of acids to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fading away imperfections to leethe sin smooth and renewed.

40mins £60
Especially designed to target sun damage and hyperpigmentation problems.

40mins £60
Rapidly brings blemishes under control and dramatically reduces the risk of future breakouts.

40mins £50
A mild peel suitable for everyone, ideal for those looking to start their peel journey or if they are looking for aintenance after a course.

40mins £60

A light peel PHA based for sensitive, redness prone skins to help manage texture

Eye Reveal 40mins £50
*An ultra gentle yet effective solution to treat laughter lines through enhanced cell turnover and regeneration.


(using tea tree warm wax great for sensitive skin types)

Full leg wax £22.50 Half leg wax £18
Bikini/underarm wax £8 Full arm wax £18
Half arm wax £12
Full body wax (inc eyebrow shape) £66

Lycon advanced waxing

Upper lip/chin £5 Bikini/underarm wax £12
G-sting extended bikini £20 Brazilian wax £25
Hollywood wax £30
Buttocks £7

Mens Treatments

(using tea tree warm wax great for sensitive skin types)

Eyebrow thread/wax £7 Chest or back wax £26
Mens pedicure £20 Mens manicure £12
Mens grooming package-eyebrow shape, eyebrow and eyelash tint, nose and ear wax £25 Skin radiance facial £45
Deep tissue full body massage £42 Deep tissue back massage £35


De’ Beaut Afternoon tea pampering for two

Two 25min treatments each
Back, neck and shoulder Massage to relieve tension
 Luxurious bespoke Medik8 facial
An afternoon tea to top it all off, with sandwiches, crisps, cake’s, a glass of bubbly and more.

£30 per person (Monday -Wednesday only)
£40 Per person (Thursday– Sundays) 

We also do large pamper party days – prices upon request

De’ Beaut princess birthday parties (5yrs-12yrs old) £13.99 per child (2 treatments each)

Or £16.99 per child (3 treatments each, full decoration of the room hire and party bags provided)

Teen spa packages (12-16yrs old) £16.99 per teenager (2 mini treatments)

Bridal packages also available

Occasional makeup and hair up Henna

All above prices upon request


‘Pain-Free’ Diode Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatments remain one of the most in-demand aesthetic procedures in the UK. As a result, practitioners now require a change to the traditional specification and output required from a professional laser device: speed, versatility and ‘pain-free’ treatments are now key.

The new INITIA 810nm diode laser has been designed specifically to deliver these three key features, enabling quick, safe, ‘pain-free’ laser hair removal treatments, on all skin types.

Pain-Free’ – sub-zero integrated IceTip™, reaching temperatures of -8°C for extra comfortable treatments

Laser hair removal is such an effective and popular solution to unwanted body hair because it can be used on any skin type or tone Our skin experts are medically trained and your practitioner will always carry out a patch test on your skin to ensure you are suitable for the treatment.


CACI Non Surgical Facelift
The CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift is an advanced, non-invasive facial, with twenty years medical research behind it. The treatment can deliver visible results without the need for surgery. Tiny electrical impulses will lift and tone the facial muscles, whilst improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
60 minutes – £50

CACI Deluxe Non Surgical Facelift
The Super CACI is perfect for those clients who want an intense version of the 60 minutes Non-Surgical Facelift for enhanced results. It gives an extra 15 minutes to concentrate on areas of muscle laxity, aimed at mature skin types and those with specific concerns.
1 hour 15 minutes – £60

CACI Eye Lift
This treatment will work to lift and firm the muscles around the eye area, particularly where eyebrows tend to lose their definition as we age. This treatment will also smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
30 minutes – £30

Hydratone Facial
Hydratone uses an intensive, anti-ageing Hydro mask that will instantly rehydrate, revitalise and plump the skin. Hydratone combines active mircocurrent rollers which restore muscle tone, firmness and propel the ingredients deep into the skin. It has an immediate cooling effect that will soothe and calm any skin redness and irritation. Great for a special occasion, gives a fantastic result after just one treatment and is perfect for brides to be.
15 minutes – £20

CACI Jowl Lift
The Non Surgical Facelift incorporating the Jowl Lift. Micro currents are used to lift and tone the facial muscles and also include extra work performed around the jaw line to refine and contour the jowls.
15 minutes – £25

Caci Eye Revive Treatment
Specially designed to lift and firm the muscles and refine facial contours.

The Ultra eye treatment includes micro current, ultrasonic peeling and LED light therapy. This treatment will lift and tone the muscles around the eye area, hydrate and plump fine lines, as well as reducing puffiness and dark circles, giving the area a brighter complexion
35 minutes – £35

Caci Synery Radiance Non- surgical Facial
The Synergy Anti-ageing treatment is an advanced facial which focuses on all your anti-ageing concerns.

The Synergy procedure incorporates micro current muscle lifting and toning, ultrasonic peeling to gently resurface and deep cleanse the skin. LED light therapy and electrical stimulation is used to immediately plump fine lines and wrinkles. The perfect anti-ageing facial for muscle toning and skin rejuvenation.
1 hour 30 minutes – £68

Add on a CACI Hydratone, Jowl lift or Eye Revive for an additional £10
The Non Surgical Facelift incorporating the Hydro Mask. Tiny electrical impulses will lift and tone the facial muscles, finishing with the hydro mask to calm, plump and hydrate the skin. The CACI Jowl Lift has been developed to specifically target muscle laxity around the jaw line. Using Quad probes.

Wrinkle Revolution
The non-invasive, needle free alternative to collagen injections and dermal fillers is here!

Wrinkle Revolution uses CACI award Amino Lift Peptide Complex, alongside ultrasonic peeling and electrical stimulation incorporated LED light therapy. This will instantly plump lines and wrinkles from the very first treatment.
20 minutes – £25

Lip Plump/Party Pout
Get those lips looking juicy and luscious ready for the weekend!

Using the CACI award winning Amino Lift Peptide Complex and electrical stimulation, with red LED light therapy to immediately plump the lips.
20 minutes – £25

we recommend two sessions a week to see the benefit of all CACI treatments however please speak to your Beauty Therapist for a bespoke course to cater for your specific needs.
Save 10% off all courses of 10 purchased


Ultra Hand Treatment
The CACI hand treatment will give you radiant, firmer more youthful looking hands. This treatment incorporates Ultrasonic skin peeling and LED light therapy to increase collagen, minimise age spots, whilst intensively moisturising leaving your hands hydrated and supple.
30 minutes – £25

Caci Synergy Skin Rejuvenation treatment
The Ultra Skin Rejuvenation treatment uses ultrasonic vibrations to gently exfoliate and deep cleanse the skin, leaving a brighter, smoother complexion. LED photo stimulation is used to plump out and soften lines and wrinkles. This facial intensively hydrates and nourishes the skin
45 minutes – £40

Active Acne
LED photo therapy is clinically proven to treat acne concerns. Red and Blue light therapy is renowned for their anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties.
We use light to stimulate healing and the Hydro Mask to give an instant soothing and calming action, as well as reducing redness and irritation.
30 minutes – £35

Healing/Blemish fix treatment
The CACI healing/blemish treatment will target blemishes, age spots and pigmentation by resurfacing the skin. Ultrasonic vibrations used in combination with LED light therapy and micro current, to stimulate cell turnover, collagen production and trigger tissue repair. Finishing with a hydrating gel mask to calm and soothe the skin.
30 minutes – £35

we recommend two sessions a week to see the benefit of all CACI treatments however please speak to your Beauty Therapist for a bespoke course to cater for your specific needs.
Save 10% off all courses of 10 purchased


One of America’s favourites treatments, non surgical uplift is incredibly effective while being totally SAFE! Using micro-current to the muscles surrounding thn and tissue to lift and become more firm.
30 minutes – £30

The CACI stomach treatment helps to lift and tone the stomach muscles, the machine sends out electrical impulses to help the muscle contract. This treatment is fantastic when used in conjunction with slimming/exercise. A typical 30 minute stomach treatment is the equivalent of doing 300 perfect sit ups!
30- 40 minutes – £40.00
Course of 10 sessions £365

Electro Cellulite Massager ECM LEG & BUTTOCKS
(Body toning & cellulite treatment)
The specialised design of the Caci electro-cellulite massage allows it to pivot to the body contours of each specific problem area and breaking down fat deposits by stimulating the circulation and detoxifying surrounding lymph. Can be used for treating areas of stubborn cellulite-soothing tired aching muscles-lifting and firming buttocks, contouring and toning legs.
For best results combine CACI with regular exercise and a low fat diet.
Loose 10 cm in one month!
Thighs, Hips & Buttocks – 40 mins £40
Course of 10 sessions £360
Course of 15 sessions £520

we recommend two sessions a week to see the benefit of all CACI treatments however please speak to your Beauty Therapist for a bespoke course to cater for your specific needs.
Save 10% off all courses of 10 purchased

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